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Looking for a photographer that offers you more for less? Boswell Photo is that Photographer! With easy to understand Packages, we know what today's Bride want and we assist in creating her Vision for her special day. 

Brides today look at reviews and it doesn't matter if you have 300 5 star reviews, they look at the few poor reviews and often believe what they read, no matter how bad the lie is and yes some poor reviews are true, but which ones do you believe? That's why I tell my potential Brides to call me and ask as many questions as you need, to be sure Boswell Photo is the right Photographer for them.

A lot of Studio's charge a lot and offer hardly anything including no Albums, where Boswell Photo charges less and offers at least one album or 3. Example: Do you want just a Flash Drive, 6 hours of coverage with 1 photographer for $3,100.00 or do you want 2 photographers, 3 albums for $2,800.00? If you book this $2,800.00 at the September 24 Bridal Show at Riverworks or in November 12 at Samuels Grande Manor, you pay less, as all our packages are Sales Tax FREE!!! This $2,800.00 package you'll save $245.00. 

Each Wedding is unique, we begin where asked and create images that are unique to that Bride and Groom and hundreds more that are what we typically photograph  do at most weddings. Combining these pictures and our personality make Brides very happy they booked their wedding with Boswell Photo.  

Read our Packages and decide which one is best for everything you need, then call us to better understand what exactly your are receiving, so if you are comparing Boswell Photo to another photographer you can better understand that our 10x10 album and coverage is much better.

If you decide Boswell Photo is your choice, call 716-873-0857 to make sure we have your Wedding date available, if so, we will start with 1 of 3 planning sessions to make sure your Wedding day goes flawless and we understand your Vision for your Wedding day. 

I look forward to hearing from you.